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Anna Ballew


Anna Ballew's musical journey was nurtured in a home filled with the enchanting melodies her father often played, whether in a cozy family jam session or post-dinner soirées with his guitar. Her formal foray into music commenced at the tender age of 4, when she embraced the classical violin. After a brief interlude of choir participation in 5th grade, her heart gravitated back to the violin, this time in the spirited realm of bluegrass fiddling. The unrestrained and spirited essence of bluegrass captured Anna's attention, reigniting her passion for singing and inspiring her to start learning the guitar during her high school years. This is where her deep connection to music blossomed.

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​Anna primarily taught herself how to play the guitar on her initiative and determination, drawing inspiration from her father's collection of folk singer-songwriters like Jackson Browne and James Taylor. Her musical journey transitioned into the live performance arena as high school drew to a close. She teamed up with a friend for local events in her hometown of Missoula, Montana. Throughout her college years, Anna's musical tastes evolved toward jazz and funk, her sound finding resonance with Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald, Allen Stone, and Hiatus Kaiyote.

With a voice often likened to Rachel Price of Lake Street Dive, Anna's vocals exude a velvety, soulful quality that infuses new life into timeless classics, contemporary pop covers, and modern R&B hits. Presently, she is immersed in crafting an EP scheduled for release in the upcoming year. Anna's musical odyssey leads her to stages at local restaurants, wineries, weddings, and exclusive private events, where her groovy, fresh vibe leaves a lasting impression.

Anna Ballew's musical pursuits commenced at age 4 with classical violin and progressed into bluegrass fiddling and guitar during middle school. Mastering the guitar through self-guided dedication, she delved into the world of finger-picking folk and Americana songs via guitar tabs, taking inspiration from her father's guitar-playing and vocal talents. As a full-time gigging musician, Anna has honed her guitar skills and vocals through countless solo performances, embracing jazz elements and percussive techniques.

Anna's journey led her to extend her guitar expertise through teaching, a path she embarked upon in early 2023. This teaching vocation finds roots in her past experiences, including teaching English to French students during her college days and offering private French tutoring to American students starting in 2020. Anna's passion for teaching is deeply intertwined with her love for music and language, recognizing their transformative power for self-expression. Creating nurturing environments for her students, she encourages vulnerability and learning through mistakes, fostering growth. Anna derives profound joy from guiding her students, meeting them at their levels, and journeying alongside them.

Combining her rich musical background, live performance prowess, and genuine passion for teaching, Anna Ballew weaves a story of artistic evolution and a dedication to helping others find their voices through music and language.

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