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 Online Lessons 

Online lessons are an excellent option for home school parents or families conc. If you are a homeschool parent looking for music instruction, we've got you covered.

In Home Lessons 

In home lessons can be ideal for busy families or for younger students. The benefit of having lessons in the student's home is it becomes the scene of the learning experience. After the teacher leaves, the space where the lesson took place takes on a special aura and resonates in the memory during practice sessions. The student also feels more relaxed and comfortable in their home and can have on hand all materials necessary for good lessons and study. Parents of younger children can observe what it taking place during the lesson and even participate if they are interested. This is particularly helpful with very young children. In home lessons are available for piano, guitar, voice and drums.

 Piano Classes for Music Parents: How to Parent the Piano Player 

 In this 45-minute small group class, adult students not only learn how to play the piano but also how to parent the piano student. These classes can guide parents in developing strategies with home practice while developing their own piano skills.  Who should join a class?

  • Beginning parents with no previous piano experience

  • Parents who say “I wish my mom/dad didn’t let me quit”, i.e. those returning to lessons after a long hiatus.

  • Parents who ‘used to play pretty good”.  For those adults who are more adept, classes can assist in learning duets with their students, understanding the music literacy process at 7Keys Music with Guide Notes and Transposition, learn ‘the song’ they’ve always wanted to play, and brush up on skills.

 Competitions, Recitals &  Community  Projects

7Keys Music is associated with MTNA, NCMTA, CMTA, and CPTF.*

These professional affiliations allow students the option to participate in evaluations and competitions on a local, regional and national level. Students are also encouarged to participate in annual recitals.

March 17, 2016, 7Keys Music held it's first benefit recital. Students performed to raise monetary donations for the Sandbox, a Charlotte charity that helps families of children who have cancer or suffering from another life altering illness. The Music Speaks Benefit Recital raised $1500 for a wonderful cause. This year's charity is still being determined but we look forward to raising awareness for another great local organization. 

On October 13, 2017 7Keys Music participated in a Perform-Athon at Queens University, raising money for MusicalMinds NC, an organization that puts music education and instruments into the hands of children who otherwise would not have the opportunity. 

*Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), North Carolina Music Teachers Association, Charlotte Music Teachers Association, and the Charlotte Piano Teachers Forum.

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