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September is National Piano Month

It's time to celebrate those ivories and all those that tickle them! The holiday started in 1991 by the National Piano Foundation. Shall we say, 'Thank you!' Are you ready to celebrate? Here are some ideas....

  1. Learn about the history of the piano, in this comprehensive series from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  2. Check out different types of pianos, in this interactive online museum.

  3. Get creative with these kid-friendly craft ideas for your piano room.

  4. Try something new in your practice routine with these fun ways to practice scales.

  5. Join the piano community in laughing at these 15 struggles piano players know all too well!

  6. Having trouble with a tough piece? Try this fun piano exercise.

  7. Challenge yourself to improve your music-reading speed.

  8. Learn a new song with these 8 awesome YouTube piano tutorials.

  9. Test your knowledge of modern-day songs that borrow from classical pieces (even Dave Matthews and Weezer!).

  10. Check out our infographic to find out if your child is ready to begin piano lessons!

  11. Step outside your comfort zone and spice up your piano practice with something new.

  12. Consider getting involved in a piano competition.

  13. Master those big piano leaps with these helpful tips.

  14. And parents, make sure you celebrate National Piano Month along with your kids! Check out our tips to support your young, aspiring musician.

  15. Purchase a new piano! Kawai is celebrating National Piano Month with a program guaranteed to encourage every nurturing parent. During September, Kawai is offering generous rebates up to $3000 on selected acoustic and digital pianos through participating Kawai dealers. For the Charlotte, NC area, Miller Piano is an authorized Kawaii dealer. They are located at 5236 Independence Blvd.

So, how are YOU going to celebrate National Piano Month?

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